Confus 2 full length

Confus 2 full length weareconfus confus skateboarding vienna

Featuring Dominik & Florian Erkinger, Adrian Correa Kunnen & Raphi Krisa, Alex Massotti, Manuel Correa Kunnen, Axel Hallwirth, the Elders, Martin Fehrer, Marcel Rieger, Andi Luger and many more

Confus 2 – Andi Luger / Outro

weareconfus confus andi luger the elders vienna wien skateboarding

Andi Luger’s Confus 2 part and the outro section.

Confus 2 – Marcel Rieger

Marcel Rieger Confus 2 wearconfus confus wien vienna skateboarding

Marcel Rieger in Confus 2

Confus 2 – Martin Fehrer

weareconfus confus confus 2 martin fehrer skateboarding vienna

Martin Fehrer’s Confus 2 part

Confus 2 – Friends

weareconfus confus confus 2 friends

Confus 2 friends section

Confus 2 – The Elders

weareconfus confus confus 2 the elders

The Elders section from Confus 2

Confus 2 – Axel Hallwirth

Axel Hallwirth Confus 2 weareconfus confus

Axel Hallwirth’s Confus 2 Part

Confus 2 – Manuel Correa Kunnen

Manual Correa Kunnen Confus 2 weareconfus confus

Manuel Correa Kunnen’s part

Confus 2 – Alex Massotti

Alex Massotti weareconfus confus skateboarding vienna

Alex Massotti’s part

Confus 2 – Adrian Correa-Kunnen & Raphi Krisa

Adrian Correa-Kunnen Raphi Krisa weareconfus confus skateboarding vienna

Adrian Correa-Kunnen & Raphi Krisa’s part